Silent Auction

Do you have games, miniatures, cards, or hobby gaming related items that aren't getting enough love? Maybe someone's "meh" is your "yay"? Swing by our silent auction on Saturday, November 2, 2013!

Sellers Drop-Off & Registration at Auction Desk: 8:30am-12:30pm
Auction Start: 9:00am
Auction End Time: 2:30pm
Buyers Pick-up & Pay: 2:30pm-3:00pm
Sellers Cash-out and Pick-up Hours: 3:00pm-8:00pm (after 4pm @ Game Registration desk)

Cash Only

How does it work?
Sellers: Download a seller auction rules form and a bid sheet to start. Divide your goods into lots priced greater than $5 each. Fill out the auction bid sheet in advance and label your goods with the required information. Every seller will need a Seller ID #. You can get one in advance to help check-in go more smoothly by requesting one from or you can get one on convention Saturday. We recommend getting it in advance when possible.

Please secure your lots together with a rubber band or something else that keeps things neat and tidy, and from wandering elsewhere on the table.

By auctioning at HammerCon, you agree to sell items in good condition. In some instances, we will accept goods with missing pieces or defects but only if it is clearly declared on your bid sheet. Please do not ask for advice about pricing your items. You are the best judge. Bring your signed auction rules form to the convention.

HammerCon collects a 10% commission or a $1 listing fee, whichever is greater, from each submitted item/lot. The $1 listing fee applies even if your item doesn't sell. This is collected when you cash-out or pick up your unsold items at the allotted time. Unsold items and cash not picked up by 9:30pm becomes property of HammerCon. We cannot store your things. All auction participants must also be convention attendees.

Please note: While we do our best to protect your items, we will not be held responsible for theft, damage and any losses from participating the sale as a seller or a buyer. By purchasing goods at the auction, buyers are purchasing as-is and as-seen.

Buyers: If you bid on an item and win, ensure you are present at the pick-up and pay time. Do not bid if you cannot pay or you are leaving early. Please do not walk off with items from the table at the end of the auction. Auction volunteers will assist you.