Promotional Opportunity for Game Designers

So, you're a non-local small-press or independent game designer and/or publisher, and none of our options at the Become a Sponsor page really works for you? This, right here, is your opportunity to get your game into circulation in our local market at zero or minimal cost and effort to you but with maximal benefit of exposure.

  1. You notify us via or this form of which game(s) you'd like to donate. Feel free to specify your preference in how you'd like the game to be used:
    • as a prize for participation in a given event (you can see a tentative, incomplete list of current events at
    • as a door prize to a random attendee
    • as a prize for best costume or our coveted Endurance prize for non-stop gaming
    • for inclusion in the convention library for play at the convention
    • or whatever other idea you have
  2. We email you back the mailing address for convention support. We'll pay you $5 USD by PayPal to cover your shipping charges if you'd like (if your incurred shipping costs are higher than that, especially for large shipments, let us know and we'll work it out).
  3. You grab a decent-looking copy of your game from the box of unsold games you probably keep in your attic, basement, or garage. Sign it! Then mail it to us. We'll send you the shipping reimbursement upon receipt. Feel free to stuff whatever advertisements you like into the game as well and it'll be given out to the recipient. We'll gladly take your swag bag inserts or whatever as well, if you'd like.
  4. Email us a black-and-white graphic advertising the game, your company, your dog, or whatever you like. It has be suitable for 2" by 2" print, or for larger donations (MSRP of $60 CAD+), 4" x 5". We'll print that ad in our convention program which all attendees receive. You can see an example of what that looks like here.
  5. If you want your company's name to appear on our Sponsors page, we also need a 150px x 125px .png or .jpg and a URL to link to.

To make the deadline for HammerCon V, your donations should be mailed and your advertisement submitted before September 30th.